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Have you noticed how many kids have lost contact with the world because they are constantly staring at their cell phones? Technology should enhance personal communication, not block it.
Success comes from the lost art of communication

Research from Harvard University says social skills are the top factor for getting a job. Is your teen prepared? Smile & Succeed for Teens is an attention grabbing crash course in social skills and job skills that leads to A's in school, meaningful relationships with their parents and peers, and a fulfilling career. For middle and high school age kids. Ages 12+.

Get A Good Job. Make More Money. Make A Difference.

 Price: $9.95

If You Want to Communicate with Teens, You Have to Grab Their Attention

This book was written with LOTS of valuable input from teens! Author Kirt Manecke spent 9 months getting input from teens to ensure the language and message was heard. Which is why teens are reading it and loving it (really!).



-Mom's Choice Gold Award honoring excellence in family friendly products
-Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom
-IP Gold Award recognizing excellence

"My principal came up to me at graduation and said, "Your students all had good eye contact and firm handshakes. I excpeted poor eye contact and loosey goosy handshakes." I told her, "They read Smile & Succeed for Teens!"
-Alicia Quintana, Teacher, Summit Academy, Flat Rock, MI

Check out this excerpt from the book — “Say Please and Thank You”.


A Crash Course in Face-to-Face Communication

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Short Video Book Trailer (1 minute, 20 seconds)

Short Video Book Trailer
Social skills for teens! Watch the short video trailer above about Smile & Succeed for Teens.
A unique “back to basics” formula to help your teens communicate effectively, make friends, interview effectively and get a job.

Perfect for teens looking for a job, who are currently working, starting their own business, volunteering or applying to college. Based on the the award-winning book, Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service-The Essential 60-Minute Crash Course .

This book will grab and keep the attention of teens through interesting facts, fun illustrations, famous quotations, and real life examples. Teens won't only walk away with information, they will walk away with a step by step process to apply what they've learned. Good communication starts here.

High Quality

"What this book does is it tells teens how to leave people with a good first impression. Teens who follow the advice in this book will have more friends, better jobs and more success all through life. I can't recommend this book highly enough. I give it my ultimate 100 star rating."-The Rebecca Review


Author Kirt Manecke purposely priced the book at a very affordable retail price of just $9.95 in order to get the book in the hands of more families to help more teens.

Says Manecke, "I originally planned to price Smile & Succeed for Teens at $14.99. I priced it at $9.95 so more families and teens could afford it. It's a LOT of value for the money."

Make a great first impression!

    • Teens seeking to improve people skills, self-esteem and confidence
    • Teens who are shy
    • Teens looking for a job, voluntering or who want to jump start their career
    • Teens working in jobs such as fast food, restaurants, retail, or other businesses
    • Teens who are self-employed or who would like to start their own business
    • Teens applying to college
    • Teens with autism and special needs
    • Teachers, including special education teachers, social workers, psychologists and counselors
    • Parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other caring adults working with teens as they navigate through some of the most challenging transitions they will ever face
    • Employers employing teens
    • Nonprofit volunteer managers and coordinators
    • Church and other youth group leaders
    • Teens and young adults in transition programs
    • Teachers teaching emotional intelligence and their students
    • Vocational rehabilitation students-teens and young adults
    • Homeschool teachers and students

    Excerpt From Inside the Book

    Practice Proper Body Language (p. 27)

    Make sure you are aware of your body language. It says much more about you than you think. Send the message that you are confident, have a positive attitude, and act professionally.


    • Smile
    • Look straight ahead and maintain good eye contact.
    • Avoid looking down.
    • Stand up straight.
    • Look alert and approachable. Leave your arms open at your sides (not crossed).
    • Respect people's personal space. Recognize their comfort zone by noticing how far away from you they stand.

Parent's Guide: Give Your Teen the Edge!

Perfect for parents and grandparents working with teens, tweens and young adults. Help your teen master the social skills, volunteering skills and job skills in Smile & Succeed for Teens.

“A life-changing resource to help all teens communicate effectively, get and keep a job,
volunteer powerfully and live better lives.”
—PHYLLIS BRANTINGHAM, Mother, Highland, Michigan

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What Age is Too Young?

Although written for teens ages 12-19+, the book is perfect for tweens too! Many parents are buying the book for 10 and 11 year olds, and some for kids 8 and 9. (Some teachers are even using it for 4th and 5th grade students.)



Looking to teach social skills for teens? Use Smile & Succeed for Teens to help your middle school and high school students learn critical social skills, prepare for a job, and get a head start in their career. Teaches important character development, life skills and 21st Century skills. Effective for special education teachers with special needs and autistic students. Perfect for church and other youth groups too. The Teaching Guide (at left) for Smile & Succeed for Teens pdf is included FREE with your purchase of a classroom pack.

social-skills-for-teenagersEasily Fits into Your Current Curriculum
The perfect supplement book-choose one or more activity from the book to do per day, per week, or per month in whatever order works best for you and your students. Whether you purchase 2,000 books for your district like Toledo Public Schools did, or a 30 book Classroom Pack like Mumford High School, we can accomodate your needs.
Lexile: 720L
Learn about the Classroom Packs.


  • Toledo Public Schools
  • Huron Valley School District
  • Lakeland High School
  • Hartland High School
  • Oakland ISD/Oakland Schools
  • Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek
  • Washtenaw ISD Special Education
  • Lapeer County ISD Career Education
  • Summit Academy
  • EHOVE Career Center-Job Placement
  • Dunckel Middle School
  • Pettisville Schools
  • Our Lady of the Lakes Middle School
  • Muir Middle School
  • White Lake Middle School
  • Second Chance Academy
  • St. Clair County Regional Educational Service Agency Special Education Classes
  • Faytette County Public Schools
  • Farmington Alternative High School
  • Garrett-Keyser-Butler CSD
  • Lake Country School District
  • Mcpherson Middle School
  • Columbiana County Opportunity School
  • AIM High School
  • Warren Career Preparation Center
  • Silverado High School
  • North Clayton High School
  • Crestwood High School
  • Mumford High School
  • Van Buren Public Schools
  • Many, many more.

Teaching Guide

For middle and high school teachers, special education teachers, autism centers, church and other youth groups, and more. Learn about the Teaching Guide

FREE PDF Teaching Guide with your purchase of a classroom pack(s).

Testing the Book

The book was tested and reviewed by teachers. Read this glowing Teacher evaluation of Smile & Succeed for Teens from Learning Magazine's Teachers' Choice Awards.

​"The book is a fun and an easy read. I love the format: easy to read, big print, bold titles, wired tips, straight to the point, pictures. Definitely recommend!"
​-Teacher Evaluation, Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award

  • Do You Have Teens Working in Your Business?

    Smile & Succeed for Teens is the perfect trainer for your teen staff! Give each of your teen employees a copy of Smile & Succeed for Teens as required reading before they begin interacting with your customers to ensure repeat business and increased revenue.
  • Helping Teens with Autism


    Numerous illustrations with helpful captions make it easy for teens and tweens with autism to quickly and easly learn important people skills. Making eye contact, smiling, saying hello, introducing yourself, and much more are covered. Read this review from The Art of Autism.

    "Smile & Succeed for Teens is a great book for teens with autism. This includes high functioning autistic children."
    -Holly Fadie, Speech-Language Pathologist, MS CCC SLP, Boston Children's Hospital

    "I recommend this book"
    -The Art of Autism

    "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Students with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, etc. who often need help with life skills will greatly benefit from reading this book."
    -Special Needs Book Review  Read the review from Special Needs Book Review

    ​Video interview with Autism Live, "Developing Social Skills" below.


    Also available in eBook format for Kindle, Nook and iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (with free Kindle app).
  • Hallmark Manager Melinda Buys 3 Copies!

    Melinda Schmidt, manager of Dayspring Gifts, a Hallmark Gold Crown store in Chelsea, MI, carries Smile & Succeed for Teens in her store and purchased 3 copies for her teens! In the video above Melinda talks about how much she loves the book.

    On author Kirt Manecke's first visit to her store, Melinda held Smile & Succeed for Teens up high and said, "I want to take this book into the schools and give presentations and tell these kids 'Don't you dare come into my store with poor eye contact, wearing pajama pants, asking for a job. Read Smile & Succeed for Teens first, then come in and apply for a job.'
  • Assisting Special Education Students

    “Our staff love the books in our Young Adult programs. Thanks again!”
    —Dr. Jennifer Scott-Burton, Executive Director , Special Education, Washtenaw ISD

    “I recommend the book. The book is illustrated nicely throughout which makes the reading speed along and provides some opportunities to learn a concept visually. "
    —Jerry Hillyer, Special Education Teacher, OH

    —Special Needs Book Review  Read the review from Special Needs Book Review

    "This multiple award winning book provides teens with a quick, easy, and fun way to improve their skills."
    —Parenting Special Needs Magazine  Check it out! Products you can use!

    “I bought this book last week for my special education class and already I see that their attitudes have improved. They are smiling, making eye contact and engaging me in conversation-all things they learned from the book! Smile & Succeed for Teens really makes a positive difference in their lives.”
    —Teacher, Special Education, Southeast MI

    Grades 6-12
    ​131 pages
    Lexile: 720L (4th grade reading level)

  • Featured in Metro Parent Magazine

    "A helpful guide without wasted words or time."
    Metro Parent Magazine

    Video: Smile & Succeed for Teens Social Skills and Job Skills School Presentation with Kirt Manecke

Giving Back, Investing in a Better World


1% of the sales of Smile & Succeed for Teens is donated to animal welfare.


Smile & Succeed for Teens is printed on FSC certified paper.

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