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social and career skills ONLINE COURSE

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60-Second Video Overview 


• How to land a job (and keep it!)
• Customer service, sales and fundraising skills to excel

• Entrepreneurship skills
• The many benefits of volunteering
• How to handle stress
• How to make friends
• Electronic etiquette
• Job skills that make you stand out
• What colleges are looking for in applicants

• Much more

Social Skills and Career Readiness

The essential skills in the Smile & Succeed for Teens online course are necessary for student success regardless of career path. 

Quick and easy to implement and use for teachers and students, this supplemental course is perfect for in-class or remote learning, self-paced or instructor led.

The seven modules in the Smile & Succeed for Teens online course exactly mirrors the seven chapters in the book, Smile & Succeed for Teens. 

Module One: The Top Ten People Skills: How to Make Your Friends and Customers Smile
Module Two: Get That Job: Use Your People Skills to Communicate Like a Pro
Module Three: Keep Them Smiling: More Top People Skills for Life, Work, and Volunteering
Module Four: Treat People How You Want to Be Treated: More Top People Skills and Customer Service Techniques
Module Five: Sell More with Great People Skills: More Secrets to Successful Selling and Fundraising
Module Six: Keep Customers Smiling After the Sale: Create Happy Repeat Customers and Donors with Powerful People Skills
Module Seven: Be a Rock Star (volunteering): Use Your Expertise and People Skills to Change the World


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“The information and skill set young adults will interface with in this material will provide a springboard to post-secondary education, career and life!"

Dee Ann Stricklett // Former principal, school improvement specialist, district curriculum director, educational and leadership consultant, Manchester, OH

"This is a fun, common sense approach to meeting my Customer Service content standards!"

Lisa York // JTC (Job Training Coordinator), EHOVE Career Center, Milan, OH

"So far she is loving it! It’s a great resource for Project SEARCH sites!"

Kelli Fenlon// Project SEARCH Coordinator/Instructor, EUPISD at War Memorial Hospital, MI

Based on the Award-Winning Book

Teachers' Choice Award

Mom's Choice Gold Award

IP Gold Award

career readiness

Supplemental Course fits into your Existing Curriculum

May be used in a variety of settings such as:

  • Schoolwide study
  • Flex period
  • Incorporated into a class that all students take such as language arts, financial literacy, consumer science, vocational education, etc. 
  • CTE (Career and Technical Education)
  • Business classes
  • Vocational Education
  • Special Education
  • SEL (social emotional learning)

Smile & Succeed for Teens supports and compliments the following initiatives: 

  • 21st Century Learning
  • Character education
  • Workforce readiness
  • Project SEARCH
  • Project LIFE
  • School to Work
  • DECA
  • Transition
  • VEI (Virtual Enterprises International)
  • FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Age appropriate content captures the attention of teens and includes tips to help students reflect on social and emotional growth. This tool supports career advising and transition planning and promotes a growth mindset and resilience.

Instructors receive version with Teaching Guide.

You gain insight into skills and strategies that lead to measurable outcomes. Specific skills and objectives aid in the construction of functional goals for IEPs (individualized educational program).

Helping teens (or pre-teens or college age students) learn social awareness, self-awareness, self-advocacy, decision-making and relationship skills, along with self-management provides them with a greater potential to thrive in their careers and beyond.

This resource will improve school culture and cultivate more autonomous teens.

  • Stands alone or fits inside your LMS (learning management system). This is not a learning management system.
  • ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant. 
  • Compatible with free Read&Write for Google Chrome. Alt text on images is read aloud by screen readers used by visually impaired users.
  • Responsive design adjusts for desktop, laptop, notepad, or smartphones. 
  • Teaching Guide is embedded into instructor's version, and can also in pdf form that can be printed. 
  • Quick and easy to use for students and teachers. Simply log in and start. Minimal prep time required for teacher. Teaching Guide makes teaching this program simple. 
  • Interactive Quick Check Q & A (questions and answers) to keep students engaged.
  • Curated videos for additional learning. 
  • Grade book. 
  • Colorized graphics.
  • Search feature.
  • Bookmarks and highlights features. 
  • Compatible with Zoom and other virtual platforms. 
  • Based on the Teachers' Choice Award-Winning social and career skills book, Smile & Succeed for Teens


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  • Includes Teaching Guide for Instructors
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  • Includes Teaching Guide for Instructors

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  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
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Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen


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Classroom Packs, One Year License (12 months)
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25 User Classroom Pack $499 (just $19.99 per student)
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100 User Classroom Pack $1,699 (just $16.99 per student)
250 User Classroom Pack $3,872 (just $15.49 per student)

•Price includes site set-up and technical support.
•Multi-year license: 2nd year at 10% discount, 3rd year at 20% discount

Unlimited User Site License

Allows all students (unique users) and staff (unique users) at a defined location such as a school building or entire district unlimited access to the online course. For example, a 1000-user unlimited site license means that a school of 1000 students can provide access to the course for all students (unique users) who attend that school.

Pricing for schools starts at just $10 per student (unique user) per year (12 months) for 500 students.
Includes instructor access with Teaching Guide.

Number of Users Price Per User Per Year
500       $10
1,000     $9
2,500     $8
5,000     $7
10,000   $6
20,000 <$5

(Example: 5,000 students district-wide at $7 per user = $35,000).
•Price includes site set-up and technical support.


30-Minute Webinar: Online Course

How to Use Smile & Succeed for Teens for Success

career readiness

Student Testimonial
"I find the 'Get That Job' Module to be extremely helpful and I will be revisiting it as I try to get a summer job. I especially like the interview section! This is definitely something I would have loved in school and I think it will help boost confidence in a lot of students.

Overcome the Fear of Fundraising” is so pertinent to teenagers today. A lot of high school fundraisers are unsuccessful because we don’t feel comfortable asking for donations for our fundraiser. I always end up asking only my family members, instead of reaching out to people I don’t know as well."
-MYLA T., student, Ohio


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