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Smile & Succeed for Teens online supplemental course is perfect for in-class or remote learning, self-paced or instructor led. This flexible course provides an ideal resource for all students, including those in transition and autism support programs, to gain the social and job skills necessary for success at home, school, and work. Ideal for differentiated learning. 

The course mirrors content in the Teachers' Choice Award-winning book, Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must Know People Skills for Today's Wired World.  The seven modules in the course correspond to the seven chapters in the book. 

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Teachers' Choice Award

Mom's Choice Gold Award honoring excellence

IP Gold Award recognizing excellence

60 Second Video Overview of Online Course

Includes Teaching Guide (with Classroom Packs, Unlimited User Site License)
Embedded teaching guides (not visible to students) provide differentiated activities and lesson plans. This allows instructors to further enhance learning opportunities and makes it easy to teach the course. Teaching guide is also included in the online course as a pdf available to print.

Attention Employers! Do you employ teenagers and young adults? Be certain they take this course. It's the SMARTEST investment you can make to quickly and easily train your employees in customer service and sales. Give your employees the confidence to succeed. Create happy life-long customers and increase revenue today. Starting at just $24.99 per employee per year, it's extremely affordable. 

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• How to land a job (and keep it!)
• The important life skills your first job can teach you

• Customer service, sales and fundraising skills to excel 
• The many benefits of volunteering
• How to handle stress

• How to make friends

• Electronic etiquette 
• Job skills that make you stand out
• What colleges are looking for in applicants, and a lot more.


• Module One: The Top Ten People Skills: How to Make Your Friends and Customers Smile

• Module Two: Get That Job: Use Your People Skills to Communicate Like a Pro
• Module Three: Keep Them Smiling: More Top People Skills for Life, Work, and Volunteering
• Module Four: Treat People How You Want to Be Treated: More Top People Skills and Customer Service Techniques
• Module Five: Sell More with Great People Skills: More Secrets to Successful Selling and Fundraising
• Module Six: Keep Customers Smiling After the Sale: Create Happy Repeat Customers and Donors with Powerful People Skills
• Module Seven: Be a Rock Star: Use Your Expertise and People Skills to Change the World


“The information and skill set young adults will interface with in this material will provide a springboard to post-secondary education, career and life!"
– DEE ANN STRICKLETT, former principal, educational and leadership consultant, school improvement specialist, district curriculum director, nominated Teacher of the Year in Ohio

View the short video above to hear Dee Ann Stricklett explain how she uses this course in her classroom.

"This is a fun, common sense approach to meeting my Customer Service content standards!"
—Lisa York, JTC (Job Training Coordinator), EHOVE Career Center, Milan, OH

"So far she is loving it! It’s a great resource for Project SEARCH sites!"
—Kelli Fenlon, Project SEARCH Coordinator/Instructor, EUPISD at War Memorial Hospital, MI

School districts throughout the United States have made Smile & Succeed for Teens essential curriculum to meet the needs of students for career readiness. This engaging online course includes features such as:

  • Quick and easy for instructors and students to implement. Simply log in and begin using! The interface is straightforward, simple and extremely user friendly. As easy to use as your toaster!
  • Interactive "Quick Check" quizzes show correct and incorrect answers and provide feedback. 
  • Bookmarks and highlights so students can bookmark, make notes and highlight key points.
  • Search function.
  • Gradebook export. Results from quizzes automatically populate into the gradebook. Instructors can measure growth and students can track their progress.
  • We can even integrate with your video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Perfect for middle, high school and college students. 
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.
  • Compatible with free Read&Write extension for Google Chrome.
  • Lexile: 720L
  • Attention Schools: This is a content delivery system. It can stand alone or fit inside your  Learning Management System (LMS) .

We Accept School Purchase Orders

Please email purchase orders to kirt@smilethebook.com.

Pricing and Licensing Options
Whether you're licensing the Smile & Succeed for Teens online course for students in your classroom or a special program, or for an entire district or school building, we have a plan that fits your needs.

Combo Packs

Online course AND Smile & Succeed for Teens books for schools. 

For pricing please email kirt@smilethebook.com .  

*Single User Site License for Parent to Purchase for Teen(s) or Young Adult(s)

Allows one individual (unique user) to access the online course for one year.  

Does not include Teaching Guide.

*Once you purchase the Single User License you will be emailed a link WITHIN TWO BUSINESS DAYS to access the course.

Number of Users      Price Per User Per Year
1                                    $24.99

School Pricing
Classroom Packs, One Year License
Special pricing for schools starts at just $19.99 per student (unique user) per year.
Includes instructor access with Teaching Guide.
25 User Classroom Pack     $499    (just $19.99 per student)                            
50 User Classroom Pack    $924     (just $18.49 per student)
100 User Classroom Pack   $1,699 (just $16.99 per student)
250 User Classroom Pack   $3,872  (just $15.49 per student)

•Price includes site set-up and technical support.
•Multi-year license: 2nd year at 10% discount, 3rd year at 20% discount

Please email purchase orders to kirt@smilethebook.com.
To pay by credit card please call 248-685-0483.
Questions? Please email Kirt at kirt@smilethebook.com or call 248-880-5361.

Unlimited User Site License
Allows all students (unique users) and staff (unique users) at a defined location such as a school building or entire district unlimited access to the online course. For example, a 1000-user unlimited site license means that a school of 1000 students can provide access to the course for all students (unique users) who attend that school.

Pricing for schools starts at just $10 per student (unique user) per year for 500 students.
Includes instructor access with Teaching Guide.

Number of Users     Price Per User Per Year
500                            $10
1,000                         $9
2,500                         $8
5,000                         $7
10,000                       $6
20,000                      <$5

(Example: 5,000 students district-wide at $7 per user = $35,000).
•Price includes site set-up and technical support.

Please email purchase orders to kirt@smilethebook.com.
To pay by credit card please call 248-685-0483.
Questions? Please contact Kirt at kirt@smilethebook.com or 248-880-5361.

Course Benefits

  • User friendly common sense approach to people skills.
  • Written in a manner that hold the interest of a student.
  • Entertaining graphics that enhance the content.
  • Opportunities for comprehension testing along the way.
  • A specific curriculum for customer service skills that meets Customer Service Standards as outlined by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Reaches a wide variety of student abilities.
  • Allows for independent student use.
  • A teacher can purchase and implement the next day. Teacher prep time in very minimal.
  • Ideal for online learning platforms.

    Student Testimonial
    "I find the 'Get That Job' Module to be extremely helpful and I will be revisiting it as I try to get a summer job. I especially like the interview section! This is definitely something I would have loved in school and I think it will help boost confidence in a lot of students.

    “Overcome the Fear of Fundraising” is so pertinent to teenagers today. A lot of high school fundraisers are unsuccessful because we don’t feel comfortable asking for donations for our fundraiser. I always end up asking only my family members, instead of reaching out to people I don’t know as well."

    -MYLA T., student, Ohio

Testimonials: Smile & Succeed for Teens


Please email purchase orders to kirt@smilethebook.com.

Teaching guide

Online course (Multi-User, Unlimited Unlimited User Site License) includes teaching guide (not visible to students) integrated into the course. Here you will find a collection of activities, tips, optional readings, and differentiated learning activities.

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