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Softcover Teaching Guide also available for Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service

Looking for business activities for students? GET YOUR STUDENTS FIRED UP ABOUT SUCCESS! Now you can buy Smile: The Teaching Guide in a convenient PDF that makes printing specific pages in the guide for your classroom quick and easy. Just $39.95!
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This 17 page Teaching Guide PDF is quick and easy to use, just like the book. Complete with exercises to help you get the most out of the book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service.

This Smile Teaching Guide will help you...

  • Help your students apply the techniques in Smile. Business activities for students include role-playing and more.
  • Assist students who have jobs or volunteer to quickly improve customer service and increase sales or donations.
  • Guide students in preparing for a job and getting a head start in their career.
  • Ensure students improve critical communication skills.
Any student, no matter what her field of interest, will see life-long results from the information and business activities for students in this book. Short, quick and easy to use with exciting lesson plans guaranteed to get students motivated about customer service, this teaching guide, along with the book Smile: Sell More With Amazing Customer Service, is the essential resource for any teacher wanting to give their students the invaluable professional skills so often overlooked in traditional education.

Business Activities for Students

Packed with entertaining role-playing exercises, activities, worksheets and classroom tips, this indispensable guide was written by teachers, for teachers with proven teaching techniques that will help students bring the real-world game plans outlined in Smile into everyday practice.

With this teaching guide, help students get immediate results...
smiley Land better interviews, skyrocket sales and donations and make more money
smiley Represent themselves in a competent, friendly and professional manner that will impress employers and delight customers, patients and donors
smiley Master strategies for conflict-resolution, useful for any situation from unhappy customers to difficult co-workers

If you have trouble getting your students interested in their professional development or need an effective method for teaching job skills that will leave a lasting impression, then this guide and the companion book Smile, are for you. This is an excellent classroom tool for high schools and colleges, school-to-work programs, DECA, school stores, vocational classes, back to work and business classes, entrepreneurial programs, special education, and more. Packed full of business activities for students.

Provide real world business activities for students. Bring Smile into your classrooms to help prepare young people for a job or to get a head start in their career with this Teaching Guide.

Get the most out of Smile: Sell More With Amazing Customer Service and buy this invaluable Teacher Guide today!

Pre-Reading Activities

Exercise 1

Complete a Customer Service Survey

In this exercise you will prepare your students for getting the most out of reading Smile. Students will discover their current level of customer service and sales skills. These skills are some of the most important in today’s business world but sadly are often lacking.

Reading Activities

Exercise 2

Role Play

Role playing allows your students to experience first-hand how it feels when customer service is poor or non-existent and when customer service is excellent. It lets you see if your students understand the techniques in Smile and gives you the opportunity to correct and assist as needed. Role playing helps your students have empathy for customers and drives the point home that great customer service needs to be “business as usual.”.

Exercise 3

Implement in the Real World

Implementing the important methods in Smile when working or volunteering helps students make the techniques habit and lets them experience the benefits and successes from using the content in the book. As they find success by using the techniques in Smile, they will naturally want to make the Smile methods a regular part of their everyday life/job.

Exercise 4

Be a Mystery Shopper

Being a mystery shopper is educational and fun! It can be eye opening as students will experience good and bad customer service and sales techniques. Whether in person, by phone, or email, being a mystery shopper gives your students the ability to view a business through a customers’ eyes. It gives them the opportunity to evaluate businesess and identify problems so they can avoid them in their own business or career.

Exercise 5

Customer Report Card

The following exercise will give your students powerful insight into why content in Smile is so critical to the success of a business. It will help them uncover situations that delight customers and other experiences that drive customers away.

Post-Reading Activities

Exercise 6

Make It Stick

Since much of the content in Smile is new to students, ongoing training and refresher training is critical for instilling confidence and providing greater understanding of the techniques. In the business world consistent monthly or weekly training provides continuous education, ensuring staff is at their best.


  • Exercise 7: Quotations
  • Exercise 8: Reflection


  • Lesson Worksheets
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