Parent's Guide for Smile & Succeed for Teens




"I know it was good for my kids!"
- Christa Howley, Executive Director, Northville Education Foundation

"Great Resource for Parents with Teens of All Ages! Our financial firm gives the Parent Guide and the Smile & Succeed for Teens book as gifts to clients with teenage children, and so far, the response has been great! They like that the content is very valuable, no matter what career path the teen ends up going down, and they like that these books teach teens everyday skills, such as how to interview or give a proper handshake. Overall, we highly recommend this book to any parents that want to give their children an extra edge above the competition, as it is sure to teach several important lessons through one quick, easy read!"
-Melissa R., Owner, Financial Planning Firm, Livonia, MI

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The Parent's Guide for Smile & Succeed for Teens makes it easy for you to make sure your tween, teena and young adult comprehend and get the most out of the book Smile & Succeed for Teens. Master social skills, job readiness, job interview and job skills, electronic etiquette, social media dos and don'ts and much more! Powerful tips to overcome anxiety and stress. Includes 24 fun activities you can role-play and practice with your son or daughter to help them succeed.
NOTE: Make certain you also purchase the book Smile & Succeed for Teens if you have not already as the book works in conjunction with this Parent's Guide.

Paperback. 67 pages. $14.95

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​Learn more about the Parent's Guide in the video interview below. 

Social Skills are the Number ONE Factor in Getting a Job according to Harvard University
The Parent's Guide for Smile & Succeed for Teens is the solution to improve your teen's social skills and confidence, help them prepare for a job, and give them a head start in their career. It's perfect to help all teens, including teens with autism and special needs.
Give Your Teen the Edge
Created by educational specialists and business experts, this guide is for parents who want to help their young adults succeed. Use it in conjunction with the award-winning book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today's Wired World to give your teens the edge.

Quick and Easy
This 67-page guide is packed with 24 fun and interactive activities to ensure young people succeed in school, work and life. If you are looking for a way to instruct, encourage and motivate your teen, this is the guide for you. Your teens will master social, volunteering and job skills.
Master Electronic Etiquette
With your guidance teens and tweens will master smartphone and social media etiquette. They'll learn important electronic etiquette guidelines, such as when and when not to use their cell phone or other electronics. 
Help Your Teen Discover How To:
* Quickly and easily master social skills critical to success
* Communicate effectively
* Master electronic etiquette
* Improve confidence and self-esteem
* Master job skills
* Interview like a pro and get that job
* Overcome stress
* Make good eye contact
* Make friends
* Volunteer effectively to make a difference

>Teens with poor social skills
>Autism and other special needs
>Teens seeking a job
>Self-employed or who would like to start their own business
>Applying to college
>ADHD, Down Syndrome, and other special needs
>High anxiety and stress
​>Consumed with electronics
​>Have trouble making friends
Testimonial from an Educational Consultant
"Must-Have Resource for Teachers & Parents! A large part of my job as an educational consultant is collaborating with teachers and students on executive functioning strategies. It's a challenge to find books that are reader friendly, and provide strategies that are easily implemented.
I love this book! It's fun and easy to understand. It provides great strategies for building the practical life skills teens need for social and professional success. The authors did a wonderful job of considering the small, yet very important, skills teens need to learn; such as smiling or how to answer the telephone.
I recommend this book so frequently that I've incorporated it into the resource section of my professional development presentations. A must-have resource for parents, teachers, or students on the Autism Spectrum or with ADHD!"
-Amazon Review

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