Table of Contents

customer-service-bookTable of Contents

How to Get the Most Out of This Book

1. The Top Ten: How to Make Your Customers Smile (and Buy!)
1: Smile
2: Make a Friend
3: Answer the Phone with a Smile
4: Say Please and Thank You
5: Acknowledge New Customers – Even When You’re Busy
6: Never Ask “Can I Help You?”
7: Uncover Your Customer’s Ultimate Buying Motive
8: Probe: Ask Questions
9: Listen
10: Know Your Product – And Your Competition

2. Keeping them Smiling: More Top Customer Service Techniques
Make Good Eye Contact
Your Body Speaks
Call the Custmer by Name
Be Enthusiatic
Dress for Success
Keep it Personal
Don’t Make the Customer Wait
Hold Please: Ask Permission First
When the Phone Rings While You’re with a Customer
Follow Up
Special Orders: Make the Customer Feel Special
Master Electronic Etiquette
Give Change Carefully

3. Sell More: More Secrets to Successful Selling
Don’t Point: Walk and Show (and Sell!)
“Just Looking”: Let Them Browse and Shop
Look for Buying Signals
Features Tell, Benefits Sell
Control the Sale
Answer Objections
Overcome the Fear of Selling: Ask for the Sale (or Donation)
Ask For the Sale – Then Shut Up
Suggest Complementary Products
Prepare: The 6 P’s
Avoid the Curse of Knowledge

4. When There’s a Problem: Turning Problems into Success Stories
Handle Returns Graciously
Turn Complainers into Advocates
When the Problem Is Big

5. Create a Customer for Life: Go the Extra Mile!
Under Promise, Over Deliver
When You Don’t Know the Answer, Ask
Make It Easy for Customers to Buy from You
Put the Customer First
Next Steps

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