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How to Get the Most Out of this Book

Chapter One
The Top Ten People Skills
How to Make Your Friends and Customers Smile

Make Good Eye Contact
Turn Off the Electronics
Say Please and Thank You
Shake Hands Firmly
Introduce Yourself: Make a Friend
Pay Attention
Be Enthusiastic
Ask Questions
Practice Proper Body Language

Chapter Two
Get That Job
Use Your People Skills to Communicate Like a Pro

Find that Job
Put Together Powerful References
Create Your Own Job: Start With a Flyer
Prepare for Your Interview
Interview Like a Pro
Keep Your Job
Overcome Stress

Chapter Three 
Keep Them Smiling
More Top People Skills for Life, Work, and Volunteering

Apologize and Mean It
Call People by Name
Be Prepared: The Six P’s
Dress for Success
Keep It Professional
Master Electronic Etiquette
Learn Your Business
Make It Easy for Customers to Do Business with You
Follow Up

Chapter Four
Treat People How You Want to Be Treated
More Top People Skills and Customer Service Techniques

Acknowledge New Customers-Even When You’re Busy
Help Customers Promptly
Answer the Phone with a Smile
Hold Please: Ask Permission First
Give Change Carefully

Chapter Five
Sell More with Great People Skills
More Secrets to Successful Selling and Fundraising

“Just Looking”: Let Them Browse and Shop
Never Ask “Can I Help You?”
Don’t Point – Walk and Show
When You Don’t Know the Answer, Ask
Sell with Confidence
Ask for the Sale  – Then Stop Talking
Promote Your Business or Event

Chapter Six
Keep Customers Smiling After the Sale
Create Happy Repeat Customers and Donors with Powerful People Skills

Handle Returns Graciously
Turn Complainers into Advocates

Chapter Seven
Be a Rock Star
Use Your Expertise and People Skills to Change the World

Make Your Life Extraordinary: Make a Difference
Rock Stars Wanted
Overcome the Fear of Fundraising
Ask for the Donation – Then Stop Talking
Rock the World – Find Your Cause

Putting It All Together
About the Author

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