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Service Learning Framework for Teens

A service learning framework for teens makes it easier for teens to create a service learning project. The following service learning framework for teens is from the Teaching Guide for my book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today's Wired World:

Service Learning Framework

Students are often unaware that their skills can help change the world. Let students know they can use their new skills to make a difference through a service learning project.

• Ask your group the following question:
If you could volunteer for any non-profit organization, what would it be? Think about the types of causes you are interested in: people, animals, or the environment.
• Create a class list of organizations the students are interested in.
• Break students into small groups. Ask each group to research a different organization on the list:
1. Is the organization a legitimate nonprofit?
2. Do they have effective programs in place?
3. Search the name of the nonprofit organization online for recent news coverage to learn more about them and to uncover any questionable activities.
4. What are the volunteer opportunities with this organization?
5. Do they offer a variety of ways to volunteer? Can our class help them raise funds?
• Assign one person from each group to contact their organization. Learn ways the class can help.
• Have all the groups present their findings to the class.
• Select one of these organizations to volunteer with and fundraise for as a class.
• Get started volunteering and fundraising for this nonprofit.

Please share this service learning framework to help teens change the world.

From the Teaching Guide for Smile & Succeed for Teens. Copyright 2015, Solid Press, LLC, Kirt Manecke.

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