Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service

Book Review for Nonprofits Seeking to Train Staff and Volunteers, Delight Donors and Increase Funds with Great Customer Service

How many times have you approached a nonprofit fundraising table or booth at an event and not been greeted, or worse, been ignored? Sadly, many staff members and volunteers are not trained in people skills or fundraising, lack program and product knowledge, and miss critically important opportunities to create relationships with new donors and raise funds. Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service will find a welcome home in many nonprofit organizations.

Direct and to the point – the entire book is just 106 pages – this little book can have a large impact on how your nonprofit treats prospects and donors and the amount of money you raise. Smile is an affordable solution to a big problem.

With sections like, “Make A Friend”, “Answer Objections”, and “Turn Complainers into Advocates,” the best-selling book, according to award-winning author Kirt Manecke, the former owner of a top retail store and former executive director of a nonprofit land conservancy, delivers both the basics, and a few surprises as well.

“Good customer service is a nonprofits’ #1 secret weapon to delight donors and increase donations. Since many nonprofits are lousy at it, it’s easy to shine,” says Manecke.

Smile, touted as “a 60-minute crash course,” is designed to be read, cover-to-cover, in one hour or less. Says Manecke, “I wrote Smile as a quick, easy, affordable way for nonprofits to train staff and volunteers.”

When studies show that 80% of businesses think they’re providing good customer service, and only 8% of customers agree, that’s a huge disconnect. “The nonprofits that recognize that, and take action, will thrive,” says Manecke.

Smile, the winner of 8 awards, is a practical guide every nonprofit executive director and staff and board member should own and implement to deliver great customer service, delight customers and keep them coming back. Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is available for $15.99 at online booksellers or at

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