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Getting Rid of Social Anxiety

Getting rid of social anxiety-teens wish this could be an easier obstacle to overcome. The following scenario on getting rid of social anxiety for teens is from the Teaching Guide for my book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today's Wired World:

Students will gain awareness of the importance of people skills when communicating with adults.

Prompt: Think about a recent time in your life when you felt awkward around adults. This could be during a wedding ceremony and/or reception, a funeral, or meeting adult friends of a family member for the first time. Write a brief description of the event. Describe the actions of the adults and how you reacted. (Teacher may share an event from their teen years as an example.)

• Develop a whole-group conversation about essential people skills by having students share their writing.
1. Describe examples of good people skills used by the adults and students.
2. Describe actions that did not illustrate good people skills used by the adults and students.
3. What does a lack of people skills look like to adults? To parents? To other students?
4. What could have been done to improve communication?
• Students will add a paragraph to their description explaining how they could have used good
people skills to improve communication in their situation.

Please feel free to share this scenario with mothers, teachers and teens to help more teens in getting rid of social anxiety

From the Teaching Guide for Smile & Succeed for Teens. Copyright 2015, Solid Press, LLC, Kirt Manecke.

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