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Communication Skills for Teachers

Communication skills for teachers are critical. (Your training should include administrators too.) Here’s a quick, easy way to improve communication skills for teachers in your school or district.
Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service, winner of 8 awards, including the Teachers’ Choice Award for Professional Development, is a 60-minute crash in people skills. It’s a quick, easy book to read, which means busy teachers will read it.

The following review of Smile is from Randy Muffle, Principal at Spring Mills Elementary School in Highland, Michigan. He helps reinforce the importance of communication skills for teachers:

Communication Skills for Teachers: Book Review

communication-skills-for-teachers-Smile-training-book“After reading the book “Smile”, I would highly recommend it to not only those working in sales and service, but to anyone who interacts with people on a daily basis. At first glance, the subtitle alone leads one to believe that it is another publication for the “used car salesman” and many would not read further. However, getting into it and relating the content to everyday life, presents many ideas that really hit home! Much of it is common sense that we tend to let slide as life’s daily challenges seem to consume us.

The first section on the Top Ten is a perfect example. Regardless if you are an educator, engineer, receptionist, or custodian, these items can make a difference. Teachers typically interact great with their students, but many times fall way short in dealing with parents. Applying even a few of the Top Ten’s such as smiling, eye contact, shaking hands, and “please/thank you” can make all the difference in the world in gaining parental attention and support.

“Selling” students on their potential and effectively using the “hold please” in a conversation, can make the difference between success and giving up in a student’s eye.

Carrying all these ideas through with educator’s administration can also make a huge impact. Many educators are intimidated by admin officials; the ideas presented in this book can move many educators (especially young and new ones) in a more positive offensive mode rather than them continually being on the defensive.

Even the section on “When there’s a problem”, gives folks the tools to handle abnormal situations in a positive manner, whether dealing with an irate parent, out of focus students, or even overly controlling administrative directives. Turning problems into success stories goes well beyond “returning a faulty item”.

As I stated earlier, this is a great book which covers all the vital basics of interaction. I would probably change the subtitle to something like, “…And sell yourself…””

Communication skills for teachers are as important in a school as they are in business. Learn quick and easy methods to improve communication skills for teachers in the book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service.

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