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Let Smile Be Your Trainer!

Give each employee a copy of Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service and watch what happens! Let Smile be your customer service course and sales training manual! SMILE also makes the perfect gift to give to customers and prospects. 

  • Your small investment will be repaid hundreds of times over.
  • It's inexpensive. Take advantage of bulk rate discounts.
  • Save thousands of $$$ over expensive training seminars.
  • Smile may be the best gift you ever give your employees.
  • Build loyalty among employees.
  • Improve employee performance, productivity,and your bottom line. 
  • Thank current customers and deepen those relationships.
  • Nudge people over the edge to purchase your current products and services. 

Regular retail price: $15.99

Quantity bulk rates are available for corporate gifts, training, premiums, associations, fundraising, and more. The bulk rate discount price is automatically applied at checkcout along with *FREE SHIPPING. 
Special Bulk Rate Discounts
11-20 Books: 20% discount: $12.79 per book, plus 2 FREE books
21-49 Books: 35% discount: $10.39 per book
50-200 Books: 50% discount: $7.99 per book
201-1,000 Books: 62% discount: $6.07 per book
1,001+ Books: Please contact us at or 248-685-0483 for pricing.
​*Includes FREE shipping to one location in lower 48 states in USA. 
Sales tax will be applied at checkout where applicable. 

To order, please visit Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service and click on the drop down menu and choose the quantity of books you want. The bulk rate discount price will automatically be applied along with FREE SHIPPING. 

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