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What Your Business Can Learn From Kayla


When was the last time you were greeted with enthusiasm and a huge smile by an employee in a business? Can you remember actually feeling happy because of a delightful customer service experience?

Poor customer service seems to be the norm today. Customers are often nicer than the staff. One exception is at Captain Joe’s American Mediterranean Grill in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. I had dinner there recently and Kayla was my waitress.

Kayla is the rare individual you can build a successful business around. She understands what many employees and business owners don’t – that the little things, as business guru Tom Peters says, are the BIG things. A warm smile. A friendly hello. Being polite and enthusiastic. Can you even remember being treated this way?

Earlier that same day I was totally ignored at my local ACE Hardware. I would rather have a tooth pulled than shop there again. The lousy experience at ACE reminded me why I do most of my shopping online. Kayla was a breath of fresh air.

When I told Kayla what a great job she did and that I wanted to write a blog article about her, she was very humble. She told me that she is not trying to boost, but that it’s quite a coincidence that her previous customer handed her the note below. The note says , “Kayla, Thank you so much. We get crappy service most places and you were wonderful! Have a good night.” Note to business owners and managers: You should always hire friendly people like Kayla, and train your staff to deliver amazing customer service.


Be Like Kayla
1. Smile
2. Greet customers with a friendly hello
3. Be enthusiastic
4. Be helpful
5. Be kind
6. Care
7. Say Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome (NOT “Yep” or “No problem”)
8. Be grateful and gracious
9. Know your products
10. Know your business

Many of these tips are in my book SMILE: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service, but Kayla does not need my book. She is one of the very rare people who is kind, enthusiastic, and understands that treating people like you want to be treated is the right thing to do. And it’s more profitable too.

Captain Joe’s American Mediterranean Grill is located at 9901 N. Main Street (exit 53 off US 23 next to The Best Western), in Whitmore Lake, MI 48189. The food is excellent and the service is too. Thank you Kayla.

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