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Texting and teenage communication skills

Texting and teenage communication skills are at odds.

The article “Conversation a lost art in digital age” in the Detroit Free Press is spot on. Timely, it explains the problem of texting and teenage communication skills.

Texting and Teenage Communication Skills: A Major Problem

In the article, Robert Duran, a communications professor at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Conn., says, “Students seem to have difficulty just engaging in a face-to-face interaction — and I don’t even mean normal eye contact. I mean engaging in an exchange. There are some fundamental skills they just don’t have.”

According to the article, cell phones and other electronics are  making it easy for Americans of all ages to skip face-to-face conversation. I fully agree. Experts worry that we’re losing valuable communication skills. Worst yet, we may be failing to acquire them in the first place.

Here’s the good news: Face-to-face communication skills can be learned. Many teens need these communication skills NOW, to have a bright future. Learn some conversation tips in the article.

Free Communication Skills Tips for Teens

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Put Away the Cell Phones?

Texting and teenage communication skills: Let’s ensure teens master face-to-face communication.

Maybe it’s time to leave the cell phones off and out of sight. What do you think?

Kirt Manecke is an award-winning author. For communication tips for your teens check out his award-winning book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World. Learn more about Kirt on his website.

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