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McCaskill Family Services: Helping teens succeed


Recently I had the opportunity to have coffee with Dr. Pam McCaskill, a well-respected Clinical Psychologist and owner of McCaskill Family Services, with two locations in Plymouth and Brighton, Michigan. As she was talking about her work with children, teens and families, I quickly realized that my idea of psychology and people coming in to talk and “vent” about their feelings is quite frankly only a very small of part of what is now called “empirically based psychological treatment”.

Dr. Pam McCaskill

She explained that there is a type of intervention called Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that is highly effective at treating anxiety, depression, managing stress and symptoms of ADHD. In addition to skills such as time management, increasing motivation, and parenting help, Dr. Pam and the psychologists who work in her practice teach social skills to help people of all ages make social connections and lifelong friendships and relationships.

She was excited about my book Smile & Succeed for Teens and felt that this would be a wonderful supplement to the skill building work they do (which seems way beyond sitting on a couch and talking about how you feel!). The doctors at her practice also offer comprehensive testing for Dyslexia, ADHD and other learning challenges in order to develop individualized plans to improve grades, test scores and behavior.

Dr. Pam and her team do way more that sit back and listen! They will attend school meetings, help parents to know exactly what to do to improve their child’s behavior and make very practical suggestions for improving the lives of everyone in the family. I was delighted to learn more about the advances in psychological treatment that have made it possible for people to live happier, content and more well-balanced lives.

It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Pam. I’m thrilled she includes Smile & Succeed for Teens and the Parent’s Guide for Smile & Succeed for Teens as part of the resources available for purchase in her two office locations.

Contact Information
Pamela A. McCaskill, Ph.D.
Owner/Director of McCaskill Family Services, PLLC
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Plymouth Location/Main Business Office
409 Plymouth Road, Suite 250
Plymouth, MI 48170
734-416-9098, Ext. 1

Brighton Location
2040 Grand River Annex, Suite 300
Brighton, MI 48114
734-416-9098, Ext. 1

Learn more about McCaskill Family Services.

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