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Customer service tips for employees that increase sales

Customer service tips for employees to delight customers.

The following customer service tips for employees will delight your customers and keep them coming back for more. And you will make more money!:

<Smile!: “A smile is the universal welcome.” Max Eastman

<Engage: Smile and say hello. Ask, “How are you doing today?

<Help: Ask, “How can I help you today?”

<Listen: Listen to their answer. Your customers will tell you want they need and want.

<Solve their problem: Explain to them their best choices based on what they told you. Then guide them to the service or product that will solve their problem.

<Be polite: Say “Please”, and “Thank you.” Never say “No problem.”

Share these customer service tips for employees with your staff to start increasing your customer satisfaction and sales. These are the basic small details that are the BIG details.

Customer Service Tips for Employees: The Little Details

If you don’t get these basic customer service tips for employees right, the rest of it’s not going to matter. Think about how you feel when you visit or call a business. When the little details above are delivered properly, you feel good and are in the mood to make a purchase. If they are not, you aren’t. It’s that simple.

Let’s face it. Most businesses are lousy at customer service and sales. Use the basic tips above to stand out from the pack and make more money. The customers will feel great and so will you!

Do you have some customer service tips to add? Please comment and let us know.

Kirt Manecke is the award-winning author of Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service, and Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World. Learn more about Kirt at his website.

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