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Customer service handbook: Why you need one

This can be the result of your customer service handbook!

Your business needs a customer service handbook.

Here’s Why

  • Train your staff (and yourself!) to delight customers and keep them coming back.
  • Instill confidence in your employees.
  • Make it easy for your staff to take care of customers quickly and easily. This will make your customers smile!
  • Keep your business competitive, dominate your industry, effectively battle and win.
  • Make things easier for owners and managers-staff will know what to do.
  • Make your business more enjoyable, for you, your staff, and your customers.
  • Attract new employees. People like to work at a business that’s organized, supportive and professional.
  • Customer complaints will be lessened or eliminated.
  • Increase sales and repeat business.
  • Increase donations for nonprofits and attract major donors and sponsors.
  • Make more money.
  • Add value to your business.
  • Retain employees longer and reduce turnover.
  • Decrease returns and cancellations.
  • Attract more press coverage-people love stories about a well run business.
  • Treating customers like guests in your home is simply the right thing to do.

If these points are not enough to get you to take action and get yourself and each of your employees a customer service handbook, here’s a final reason:

78% Have Bailed on a Transaction

78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.
Source: American Express Survey, 2011

Get Your Customer Service Handbook Now

If you don’t have a customer service handbook, now is the time to get one! If your business needs a customer service handbook click here to learn more about the award-winning book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service-The Essential 60-Minute Crash Course. If you employ teens click here to learn about the award-winning book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World. Whether you employ teens, adults or both, either of these books make the perfect customer service handbook.

Does your company use a customer service handbook?

Kirt Manecke is the author of the award-winning books Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service, and Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World. Learn more about Kirt at his website.

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