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Customer service training for animal shelters is a matter of life and death. If you train your staff and have great customer service, your adoption rates (and monetary donations!) go up. Many more animals live. If you don’t, many more animals will die (assuming yours is not a no-kill shelter). This is why customer service ... Read More

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The customer service tip of the week is Smile! Sadly, far too many employees fail to smile and greet customers properly. Statistics show that their customers never come back. Customer Service Tip of the Week Below is an excerpt from my award-winning customer service training book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service-The Essential 60-Minute ... Read More

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The DECA District 6 Conference was held at Lakeland High School in White Lake Township, Michigan this past Saturday. I had the honor of volunteering as a competitive events judge in this DECA business competition. The DECA business competition and the students are impressive. I give the students credit for having the courage to role ... Read More

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How much is a customer worth? Jim Rohn, in the photo above, reminds us that delivering amazing customer service always provides a strong ROI. How Much is a Customer Worth? When you fail to smile and greet a customer properly, how much do you lose when that customer decides to do business elsewhere? When you ... Read More

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