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Autism and Social Interaction

Autism and social interaction: Making good eye contact, smiling and saying hello are the important basics of face-to-face communication and critical to succeed in today’s wired world.

autism-and-social-interaction-Smile-skills-bookThe following are a couple of role play scenarios from the Teaching Guide for my book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today's Wired World:

Autism and Social Interaction: Role Play Scenarios
1. Smile: Have students say hello to each other without smiling. Then have them say hello to each other with a smile. Ask students to tell you which one is more pleasing to them.

2. Make Good Eye Contact: Have students introduce themselves to their partner while making eye contact. Example, “Hello, my name is _________. I am a ______ grader at __________ and my favorite subject is ________ because ___________.”

3. Turn Off the Electronics: Have students take out their cell phones or electronics (if they have them in the classroom) and turn them off for the rest of the day (even at lunch!). Next, challenge your students to turn off their phones the next time their family sits down for a meal!

Learn more social skills for autism and social interaction in the book Smile & Succeed for Teens.

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