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For more information on wholesale pricing and to order our books direct for your store or catalog please contact Kirt Manecke at 248-685-0483 or

best-gift-booksbest-gift-books Minimum Order: 12 Books

Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today's Wired World is a perfect book to sell in any business that caters to moms, grandmas and teachers. One of the best gift books, grandmas often buy mulitiple copies!

Smile & Succeed for Teens sells very well in gift and other stores, in catalogs, and online. At a retail price of just $9.95 it’s a lot of value for the money and moms and grandmas recognize this. It’s a real money maker for your store. Perfect for church bookstores too!
To help you sell this book quickly, a compact counter display (8 1/2″ L x 6 1/2″ W, shown at left) is available for FREE (a $15.00 value!) with your first order of 12 or 24 books or more. The display only takes up a very small footprint, about the size of a man’s hand print! Many merchants place Smile & Succeed for Teens on their front counter in the display to maximize sales.

best-gift-booksSmile & Succeed for Teens is one of the best gift books, available nationwide in nearly 300 stores, including many Hallmark stores! Add this award-winning book to your merchandise offerings to improve your profits. Catalog orders are welcome.

A crash course in face-to-face communication, Smile & Succeed for Teens is the perfect stocking stuffer and graduation gift. It never goes out of style.

"Now I know when to have my phone out and when not to."
--Isabelle, teenager
“I love this book! It’s a big hit. One customer bought one book and she loved it so much she came back a week later and purchased FIVE more books!”
Suzanne Gilbert, Main Street Art, Milford, MI

Are You a Bookseller? Smile is One of the Best Gift Books

Smile & Succeed for Teens on display at the front entrance of Horizon Books in downtown Traverse City, MI.

Attention booksellers! Smile & Succeed for Teens is available to order through Ingram. Smile & Succeed for Teens is one of the best gift books to sell in your store.


Smile & Succeed for Teens on display at Horizon Books in downtown Traverse City, MI.



Also available! Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is the perfect business book to sell in your store or catalog.

Compact counter display available, free with your opening order or 20 or 12 books.

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