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How much money are you losing to poor customer service and a poorly trained sales staff?
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No time to train? Frustrated by employees who just don't "get it"?

Are sales slow? Too busy to even think about training staff? Do your employees know the basics of amazing customer service and sales? Are you losing sales everyday due to a poorly trained staff? Are your customers upset? Can't afford expensive seminars? Running low on money? Feeling stressed? Have you almost given up? Don't know where to turn for help? This customer service training program is for you!

While 80% of companies think they're providing superior service, customers disagree. They say only 8% are hitting the mark.


  • Shoppers who interact more with employees spend more money - ARE YOUR EMPLOYEES ENGAGING WITH CUSTOMERS?
  • Poor customer service costs U.S. businesses an estimated $83 billion a year- WHAT IS IT COSTING YOU?
  • Employee indifference is one of the biggest reasons people don't return to a business - DO YOUR EMPLOYEES CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS?

Improve Your Customer Service Today with the SMILE Training Kit
Create Profitable, Lifelong Customers in 60-Minutes or Less!
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Discover How To:

smileyMake training quick, easy and fun!
smileyIncrease sales, repeat business and positive buzz about YOU, starting TODAY
smileyTrain your staff to delight customers with amazing customer service
smileyBoost employee confidence
smileyIncrease staff retention
smileyCreate a more positive workplace


smileyPerfect for Any Businesssmiley
smileySatisfaction Guaranteed!smiley
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The SMILE Training Kit includes:

smiley12 Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service Books
smileyOne Smile Softcover Training Guide
smileyGetting Started Tips
smiley12 Smile "Secret Amazing Customer Service Tips" Bookmarks

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Great Customer Service Pays Off

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Poor Customer Service Costs US Businesses an Estimated $83 Billion a Year

While 80% of companies think they're providing superior customer service, their customers say only 8% are hitting the mark.


Here's the Solution! Quick and Easy

Let Smile be your trainer! The SMILE Training Kit is perfect for ANY business. LIGHTNING QUICK, your SMILE Training Kit has everything you need to stand out from the pack and start making more money TODAY. Never before has amazing customer service and sales training been so quick and easy. This customer service training program WORKS!

Imagine Training Your Employees for Just $15 Each!

If you're only going to do ONE THING, hand the book Smile out to your staff and you'll get results. If you want to go futher, use the Training Guide. Amazing customer service starts with the basics, and this is what the SMILE Training Kit delivers. If you don't get the basics right, the rest of its not going to matter. This customer service training program is super affordable and effective.


Transform Your Sales from Just So-So to Sizzling!

smileyYour happy, friendly staff will dazzle customers, not frazzle them
smileyFun, effective sales training turns your customers into loyal repeat customers and your biggest fans
smileyGet the book Neiman Marcus, BancorpSouth, and others use for training
smileyWinner of 8 awards, Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is featured in STORES magazine by the National Retail Federation
smileyA 60-minute crash course in customer service and sales, this customer service training program will help you sell more, starting TODAY

What's the Difference?

The difference between the SMILE Training Kit and other training programs:

smiley The SMILE Training Kit is QUICK AND EASY
smileyYou will see IMMEDIATE RESULTS
smileyYou and your staff will enjoy the SMILE Training Kit. It's LIGHTNING QUICK, SIMPLE AND FUN
(No long, boring, expensive and often overwhelming seminars needed)

What Others Are Saying

"Smile is very simple, very effective. It helps me create the environment I want for my employees and customers. Everything in the book is basically common sense, but it’s written so concisely and clearly, it can be read in under an hour. Everyone who works in the store, including myself, is responsible for reading Smile. We want everyone to understand how important it is to do as the book recommends."

Ken Snook, Owner, Colasanti's Market (100 employees), Highland, MI

"Manecke reminds us that these simple manners are essential to any company's bottom line and shows how to implement them in a purposeful, effective way. Star Rating: 5 out of 5."

San Francisco Book Review

"We have started an “evidence” book full of positive customer feedback. Since we read Smile as a team, our evidence book has exploded."

Thad Szott, Thad Szott Auto Group, Highland, MI

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What Others Are Saying About Smile

Move over Peter Glenn as you sit in Customer Service heaven, someone is channeling you.
Paco Underhill
Author, What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping

If every retailer read this book - just the page "Never Ask 'Can I Help You?'" - they'd quadruple their sales.
Brian Jud
Author, Consultant, and President Book Marketing Works, LLC, Avon, CT

Very nicely done. Lots of very practical advice and short enough that it is not intimidating to front line staff and supervision.
John Goodman
Author, Strategic Customer Service: Managing the Customer Experience to Increase Positive Word of Mouth, Build Loyalty, and Maximize Profits

How many times have shoppers been turned off, because they weren’t turned on by the sales help? Kirt Manecke of Milford has written a book for sales people that starts with the fundamental message, “Smile.” His small soft bound book is a quick read, outlining the basic principles of customer service and sales.
The Oakland Press

Feeling welcome can mean so much for the success of business. "Smile, Sell More with Amazing Customer Service" discusses the importance of service with a smile and how to better reach out to your customers to keep them coming back again and again with excellent service that they can't get anywhere else. "Smile, Sell More with Amazing Customer Service" is a strong addition to business collections, highly recommended.
The Midwest Book Review

Need a quick resource to boost your customer service? This 106-page book by Kirt Manecke provides just that! Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is a quick 60-minute read that provides concrete ways to train your staff to engage customers and sell more. Not everyone is a born salesman, but this crash course in customer service can help them on the way!
Smart Retailer magazine

A great book that you can take action with!
Will Roche
Former Senior Vice President Raymark, SC

Everything in this book should be used daily.
Larry Krispin
Head Buyer, Hiller's Markets

I loved how this book gives skills that the students really, really need…A+ already!
Learning Magazine
Teachers' Evaluation Comments, Teachers' Choice Awards

This is a book you need to add to your reading list. Great book, easy read... lots of excellent tips that can be put to use immediately.
Annette Franz
Director, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit, Principal at CX Journey

I read your book this weekend and loved how you teach the importance of the basics which seem to be lacking in today's world. The examples you give of specific dialog and verbiage to use in each situation are great. There are definitely a lot of retailers that could benefit from this resource!
Karen May
Sales Representative, Birmingham, MI

The challenge is making good customer service happen, and happen consistently…have found a tool to assist their employees in that endeavor: the book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service by Kirt Manecke.
STORES magazine, National Retail Federation

What a great experience I would have if every business I stepped into embraced the customer service principles in this book.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Excellent Training for Retail Sales. It is short, well organized, simple and very direct. You do not have to wade through lots of fluff to find the real information that will help you improve your selling skills. It can also be used as a teaching tool to train your staff.
John Chancellor
Mentor Coach, Spring Hill, TN

Customer service should be easy: take care of the customer. In real life, it doesn't work out that way. Employees and managers aren't empowered to do that. This book gives you practical action steps on taking care of the customer within the scope of your authority. This short book should be mandatory for anyone dealing with customers.
Dave Greenbaum, Technology Writer

This customer service training program makes the perfect gift for business owners, managers, non-profit leaders, and more.

This customer service training program belongs in every business. Don't delay. Try to imagine the alternative. It's a winning decision.

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