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Kirt Manecke is a an award-winning author and sales, marketing, fundraising, and business development specialist with over 30 years of experience surprising and delighting customers.

winner-11-awards-kirt-maneckeKirt's books have won 11 awards. Quick-easy social skills for teens! He spent nine months meeting with teens for his award-winning book on social skills for teens,
Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must Know People Skill for Today’s Wired World.


    Kirt wrote the award-winning book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service to promote and teach the simple premise that good service is good business – that if you treat your customers well, you will be rewarded in return. A crash course – it’s quick and easy to implement.


    Kirt Manecke’s passion for customer service and sales began years ago, when he co-founded an award-winning start-up – a specialty retail business in Michigan. Having worked at other businesses during college, Kirt wanted his own company to be different and better; to train its employees in ways that would result in more sales and profits.

    This desire led to the development of an extensive and innovative six-week training program for new employees, where they were introduced to proven techniques and had to pass a test before joining the sales team. The program worked. Kirt watched as confidence – and customer satisfaction and sales – soared. The tenets taught in this first training program provided the basis of his award-winning book, Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service.


    Kirt increased membership tenfold and land protection 400% in just three years as executive director of a northern MI nonprofit land trust using many of the methods in Smile. He is passionate about getting Smile in the hands of nonprofit staff and volunteers to help them delight donors and raise more money faster to make a greater impact.

    One of the biggest reasons donors stop donating money to a charity is that they don't feel appreciated and fail to receive a thank you note. Kirt's books are all about helping for profits and nonprofits deliver amazing customer service.

    Kirt's book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service is featured in Animal Sheltering Magazine from the Humane Society in the article  "Going the Extra Smile: To save more animals, remember the little things". Kirt's advice has also been featured in Saving Land Magazine from the Land Trust Alliance in the article "Turbocharge Your Land Trust".


    Kirt is currently at work on a Parents' Guide for Smile & Succeed for Teens, and a children's book.


    Kirt is a member of Birmingham Toastmasters. He is also a volunteer judge at DECA conferences to help high school and college students become our next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

    A former owner of a public relations company, he volunteers his time and skills to help groups saving natural lands, and working to end animal cruelty. He is the chair of the Animals Asia Michigan Volunteer Group, a group devoted to supporting the nonprofit Animals Asia effort to end bear farming and rescue animals from cruelty,

    1% of the sales of Kirt's books are donated to animal welfare. Nonprofit organizations receiving donations include Animals Asia, Animal Defenders International, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Last Chance Rescue, Black Pines Animal Sanctuary (IN), Mississippi Valley Land Conservancy, Michigan Animal Adoption Network, and others. Learn about Kirt’s work with Smile to save animals on his Giving Back page.

    Developing Social Skills on Autism Live Video - "Smile" by Kirt Manecke


  • Book Consulting: $300 per hour

    Are you thinking about self-publishing a book but have no idea where to start? Award-winning author, book publishing and marketing expert Kirt Manecke can help you with self-publishing, marketing, sales, public relations and more.

    In a one-hour telephone consultation Kirt will answer your questions and help make your book a success. Email your questions in advance and Kirt will have tips and answers to your questions ready when you call.


    Skyrocket your donations! Kirt provides personalized fundraising services based on your needs. He can also dramatically improve the effectiveness of your website, newsletter, social media, public relations, sponsorships, and fundraising programs. Turn your nonprofit into a leading change agent. Kirt's passions are helping land trusts and animal rescue groups exceed expectations.

    ​Kirt can research and call potential corporate sponsors or other prospects for you. Let Kirt do some of your important fundraising! Whatever your cause, Kirt will help your nonprofit succeed!

  • Contact Kirt

    Please contact Kirt Manecke at or at 248-685-0483 if you have any questions and to arrange the date and time of your consultation. All fees are to be paid in advance by check, cash or credit card.

    "It takes years to get a customer or donor, and seconds to lose one. I look forward to helping you stop losing customers or donors and start surprising and delighting your customers to keep them coming back for more." Kirt Manecke

    Thank you!

What People are Saying

  •  Smile should be required reading for every student in Detroit public schools.

    Father of two
    Southeast Michigan
  •  I am a high school teacher and I’m always on the lookout for something that will actually help teens. I have little interest in books that appeal to teachers but have no appeal to the students. This book has that appeal. What I like about the book is that Kirt Manecke never put in a lot of the padding you see in most books on the subject. Kirt gets right to the point. I can tell you that teenagers want to get to the point quickly and this book does just that. While a teen might not encounter everything in the book, Manecke makes sure that everything is at your fingertips. I can recommend this book to parents of youngsters who are, or who will soon be, teenagers. I can also recommend it to my teaching colleagues who are looking for a perfect structure for a class that will really help teens.

    high school teacher, CA
  •  I love this book! It’s a big hit. One customer bought one book and she loved it so much she came back a week later and purchased FIVE more books!

    Main Street Art, Milford, MI
  •  How you approach people sets you up for life and Smile teaches children these important people skills. They will use the valuable skills they learn in this book to become successful adults in their personal and business lives.

    Phyllis Brantingham
    Media Tech-Librarian, Spring Mills Elementary School, Highland, MI
  •  Everything in this book should be used daily.

    Larry Krispin
    Head Buyer, Hiller’s Markets
  •  The Essential 60-minute crash course to Transform Your Sales, and Your Career, One Happy Customer at a Time.

    Trainers Warehouse, Natick, MA
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