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The future depends on what we do in the present. - Mahatma Gandhi


Author Kirt Manecke with his adopted dog Ozzie.

I believe in following your passion, and in using profit to create something good. My award-winning books are about respect and I believe that animals deserve the same respect. In following that belief, I have committed to donate one percent of the sales of my books to animal welfare efforts. I will also donate books to animal rescue charities for silent auctions and fundraising events, and to land conservation fundraising events.

Nonprofit organizations receiving donations include Animals Asia, Animal Defenders International, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Last Chance Rescue, Black Pines Animal Sanctuary (IN), Mississippi Valley Land Conservancy, Michigan Animal Adoption Network, and others.


My wake-up call to the plight of countless animals around the world came in a decidedly human way: through a couple of clicks on the internet. An advertisement about bears caught my eye one afternoon; I read it, and it changed my life.

I was appalled by what I learned – about bear bile farming in China, exotic animal poaching in Africa, factory farming here in the U.S. Many of these majestic creatures, such as bears, have the same intelligence and feelings as a three year old child. Their anguish is inflicted in the name of profit, and it represents a brutality I am passionate about bringing to an end.

My goal is simple: use my books' platform to spread the word and fund improved marketing to help animals live free of abuse. I hope you will join me.

Please read on to learn about the ways many animal’s lives are being affected by inhumane practices, how others are working to end animal cruelty, and how you can help. Together, we are capable of great things.

Oliver’s Story

Oliver was trapped on two brutal bear farms for 30 years before being rescued by Animals Asia.
I became impassioned about the overwhelming injustice to animals when I learned about bear bile farming, where bears are kept in cages, unable to stand up or turn around, and are milked daily for bile from their gallbladder to be used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Oliver is one such bear. Before being rescued by Animals Asia, he was caged for 30 years on two different bear farms in China. Oliver enjoyed his freedom for 4 1/2 happy years at an animal sanctuary run by Animals Asia before peacefully passing away in November, 2014 surrounded by people who loved him.

Other Ways Animals are Mistreated – and How YOU can Help

Factory Farms

Factory farms raise animals in conditions of extreme confinement. You may have seen or read about them.

Pigs, hens and veal calves, for example, existing nearly on top of one another – or crated and unable to move, living in squalor. As of today, farm animals are exempt from animal cruelty laws.

How it Should Be
Pig farmer and Niman Ranch Pork Company founder, Paul Willis, shares his story of raising free-range, pasture raised pigs for Chipotle in the video.

Use of Exotic Animals in Traveling Circuses

Elephants, lions, tigers and bears – none of these beautiful creatures were intended for lives spent in cages, traveling and performing. Visit BreakTheChain to learn how to join the cause and end this cruel practice.


Improving Lives of Animals in Captivity

Animals that end up in zoos or other captive living situations CAN lead quality lives, if a thoughtful enrichment program is followed, nutritional needs are met and the animals are allowed to pursue their natural instincts.

Doing so helps ensure the safety of both the animals and the people who visit parks and zoos to see and learn about them. Read more about zoo enrichment.


Saving Land for People and Animals

I am passionate about preserving land and better ways (often more profitable) to develop land. Tryon Farm (in photo) is a neighborhood in Michigan City, Indiana that permanently protects 120 of the 170-acres as working farmland. It's one of my favorite places.

Neighborhoods like Tryon Farm, and The Fields of St. Croix in MN provide a better way for every beautiful place in America slated for development. 

Supporting Anti-Poaching Work

They are magnificent – and increasingly, endangered. Rhinos, elephants, tigers and other exotic wildlife face a daily risk of losing their lives to poachers. The International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) works tirelessly to protect these beautiful creatures.

Learn more in the video (at left) featuring former Special Operations sniper and IAPF founder Damien Mander featured on 60 Minutes, and in Rhino Wars from National Geographic.

Stopping bear bile and factory farming, improving the lives of all animals in captivity and supporting anti-poaching efforts – these are all causes close to my heart.

Thank you for taking the time to support this important work through your purchase of Smile. It is my hope that by sharing my passion and respect for animals, you, too, will become an ambassador for all living creatures.

Kirt Manecke and his book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service are feaured in Animal Sheltering Magazine by The Humane Society in the article "Going the Extra Smile: To save more animals, remember the little things". The article is about how delivering excellent customer service with a bit of sales assistance can help animal shelters get many more animals adopted into loving homes.


​Click the image below to learn about the great work Animals Asia is doing to rescue animals.

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