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Poor customer service: Long lines cost businesses money


Are you tired of poor customer service and waiting in line? Most people hate to wait in line, including me, especially if the business could do something to speed up the line…but doesn’t.

Poor Customer Service

I was recently in a hardware store near me. The store is part of a national chain so I assumed I’d be able to get in and out quickly as I had many things to do that day. (I think you know what’s coming next.)

The line was 12 people long! I stood in line for 20 minutes to buy two items. While I understand it’s not the cashier’s fault – she may be underpaid and overworked with no authority and little training.

I suspect the owners and managers don’t have a system in place to avoid long lines from forming in the first place. But they should.

“Having to waiting in line at a store has a significant effect on a retailer’s bottom line,” AisleBuyer CEO Andrew Paradise said in the article, “Shoppers Want Alternative Checkout Options Instead of Long Lines“. “Nearly half of shoppers said if a line is too long they will either leave the store without purchasing anything or only buy the few items they came for, without shopping the rest of the store.”

According to the article, “A new survey sponsored by AisleBuyer found that nearly 40% of smartphone-carrying shoppers have abandoned their in-store purchases because of long lines, while 21% will abandon their purchases if there are no registers open.”

Good reasons for any business, retail, non-retail, or nonprofit (think events), to keep lines short.

What solutions do you use in your business to ensure you never provide poor customer service? What tips can you offer to keep lines short?

Kirt Manecke is the author of the award-winning books Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service, and Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World. Learn how to transform poor customer service to excellent customer service and more on Kirt’s website.

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