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Interpersonal skills for kids: Sell lemonade to fight cancer


Interpersonal skills for kids. What a great way to teach your children interpersonal skills, sales and customer service methods, and the importance of giving back! Set up a lemonade stand for National Lemonade Days, Friday June 7-Sunday June 9, 2013.

Interpersonal Skills for Kids

When kids set up a lemonade stand, they get great practice with face-to-face communication. It’s a great introduction into running a business as they practice sales and customer service skills.

You Can Help

Can you help hand out and post National Lemonade Days flyers within your local community? Email your mailing address to and they will send some to you!


In them meantime, watch the moving video about Alex, the little girl who founded Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

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One small step in the fight against childhood cancer

Alex was great at sales and customer service and helped change the world. Let’s honor her this coming weekend while teaching your kids important interpersonal skills they will use the rest of their lives.

About Alex’s Lemonade Stand

From the website: “In 2004 when Alex passed away at the age of eight—her stand and inspiration had raised more than $1 million towards finding a cure for the disease that took her life. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was started by her parents in 2005 to continue the work that Alex began. Our mission is simple: to raise money for and awareness of childhood cancer causes—especially research into new treatments and cures—and to encourage and empower others, especially children, to get involved and make a difference for children with cancer.

Since Alex set up her first lemonade stand in 2000—truly exemplifying the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”—we have raised more than $100 million.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is the living embodiment of Alex’s spirit of determination and hope. Like Alex, we believe that every person can make a difference. Together, we can bring about a cure. Please join us in “making lemonade” today!”

Do you have creative ways to teach interpersonal skills for kids?

Kirt Manecke is the author of the award-winning book Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service. Interpersonal skills for kids can be learned quickly and easily in his award-winning book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World. Learn more about Kirt at his website.

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