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Eight Great Places for Teens to Find Their First Jobs


While some may argue that a teen’s primary focus should be on his or her academics without other distractions, many others believe that allowing teens the opportunity to work a part-time job has a long list of advantages. Teens may view their boosted bank accounts as the biggest perk of their jobs, but they’re likely gaining skills and real-life experiences. These important skills will last long after they’ve spent their paychecks. A teen who is able to not only successfully manage his or her academic course load but also the responsibilities of a part-time job is a teen who has a leg up heading into post-high school endeavors.

Some students who are looking for their first job may lean toward a customary route and work for a company that has a traditional boss, employees, and customers. Other students may take on a more entrepreneur-like challenge of building a small business. Regardless of which route a student choses for a first job, he or she will learn valuable skills. These skills include keeping a schedule, managing money, and meeting the expectation of performing tasks fully.

Eight Great Places for Teens to Find Their First Jobs

Here is a look at eight popular jobs that teens seek when looking to work part-time for the first time.

Pet Sitting
If you live in a pet-friendly neighborhood or community, chances are high that there’s a demand for dog walkers and pet sitters. Teens often walk dogs after school for families who work late. Teens may also offer their services to do in-home visits to take care of food, water, and bathroom needs for pets while families are out of town. This is an ideal job for someone who is interested in making their own schedule and who genuinely loves spending time with animals. It’s an ideal first job for teens.

Like most traditional jobs, lifeguarding requires a bit of training before one is able to hop into the seat and watch swimmers. Though this is commonly considered a seasonal job, many communities have indoor pools where lifeguards are needed year-round. Teens working as lifeguards have the potential to jump into action quickly and possibly save a life, which is why this job should be taken seriously. This is an excellent job for a teen looking to work around during an off-season from athletics or other commitments.

Lawn Care
Teens can seek out their own clients who are interested in having someone care for their lawns. Or they can apply to work for an established lawn care company as an assistant to their projects. While lawn care is also commonly viewed as a seasonal job, established companies typically have a variety of projects all year round. This is an ideal job for a teen who is interested in working outdoors and working a physically-intensive job. As this can be flexible, this is a great first job for teens.

Food Service
From fast food to fine dining, restaurants of all kinds are typically welcoming teens with open arms to work a number of necessary jobs. Teens are often hired to work as hosts, table bussers, or cashiers. This list will vary depending on what type of restaurant one is interested in working for. Teens will learn a number of valuable skills while working in food service, with general customer service skills being at the top.

Animal Shelter Worker
For teens who enjoy working with animals, snagging a first job at an animal shelter is a dream. Job requirements may include assisting in a variety of tasks including cleaning, feeding, administering medication, and more. While this job may be emotionally difficult at times when animals pass away, it’s also enjoyable to spend the day showing love to animals. This would be a great job for a teen to do for a few hours after school or on the weekends.

Grocery Store Employee
Grocery stores are often open to hiring teens to work a number of jobs, from bagging to running the cash register to restocking and organizing shelves. This would be a great job for a teen who is interested in working around a lot of other people, both employees and customers.

For a teen who enjoys spending time with children while also creating his or her own schedule, babysitting is a dream job. A teen may need to put in work ahead of time to find the families to babysit for, but once a relationship is established, this is a job with great rewards. It’s ideal to take a babysitters course (frequently offered at area hospitals or the YMCA) to learn general skills such as what to do in an emergency, how to handle feedings and bedtimes, and much more.

General Skill Teaching
From crafting to athletics to academics, teens will be sure to find the best of both worlds if they’re able to teach a skill they love while also being paid. For teens who would like to teach an athletic skill, a great place to look for a job would be within youth sports or gymnastics/dance centers. Academic tutoring is a great option for students who are mastering a specific subject. Teaching a crafting skill would be enjoyable and fulfilling, especially to a teen who enjoys being around other people and serving in a teacher’s role.

What was your first job as a teen? What are other ideals jobs for teens looking for their first one?

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