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Developing Social Skills for Success: Autism Live Interview

The amazing Shannon Penrod from Autism Live interviewed me about how my book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World is helping individuals with autism master social skills and job skills. Shannon mentions Temple Grandin’s endorsement of the book (“Smile & Succeed for Teens is a fantastic resource to help teens be successful at work.”), important social and life skills, and much more in the video below.

Video Link: Developing Social Skills

In the video I talk about my line of books on customer service skills and how they relate to the development of social skills in autistic and neurotypical teens and young adults.

Shannon calls herself a “customer service geek” and she “gets” customer service! Shannon is a former teacher and now, as host of Autism Live, is doing a great job getting valuable information out to those individuals with autism. She says that those on the autism spectrum have a deficit in social skills and life skills.

She talks about Smile & Succeed for Teens and how it’s an essential book for teens on the autism spectrum. “I think it’s a great book to give as a gift to anybody who has any teenager, but it’s essential as Temple said for our kiddos who are on the autism spectrum. It’s the roadmap. We always talk about the puzzle piece. There are things that are missing in autism. These are the things that are missing that are important to have in order to have job skills,” says Shannon.

I enjoyed talking with Shannon about developing social skills and helping teens with autism succeed.

Note: Shannon dyed 2% of her hair red to highlight what 2% of people living with autism looks like in order to help influence the new president to create an autism plan.


About Autism Live
Autism Live is an interactive webshow providing support, resources, information, facts, entertainment and inspiration to parents, teachers and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum.

What tips do you have for developing social skills for kids with autism?

Developing social skills for teens and tween success can be found in Kirt Manecke’s award-winning book Smile & Succeed for Teens: Must-Know People Skills for Today’s Wired World. Kirt’s book  Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service, is the winner of 8 awards, including FOREWORD Book of the Year, and featured in STORES Magazine by the National Retail Federation. Learn more about Kirt on his website.

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